(THE ROC SCOTLAND COURSE REQUIRES A MOUNTAIN BIKE OR (WIDE TYRE) GRAVEL BIKE, with 11km’s on road, 9km’s on fast trail and 6km’s on rougher trail.

Click on each of the maps for more detail)
SWIM COURSE (1,500 meters)
Starts with a swimming start in the old harbour of Kinlochleven, covering a rectangular course on the north east end of the strunning Lock Leven. An anti-clockwise route round the course marked with large yellow buoys and back to the harbour, up the steps onto the grass to collect your running shoes.


N.B. There is a 1km run to transition (click here for the route)

BIKE COURSE (26 Kilometers – Out)
This is a bike course synominous with the rugged terrain for the Highlands. A stunning exhilarating course with plenty of sweeping fast sections, a stack of hills, but plenty of trails too that will require a mountain bike or (wide tyre) gravel bike, with a landscape that is straight out of an epic film!
There’s roughly 6km that is a bit rough and rugged to mix it up in true Highlands spirit!



BEN NEVIS MOUNTAIN (8.25 Kilometers each way)
An intense dramatic route up the UK’s highest mountain. A good clear path takes you on a continual ascent till it opens out onto a plateau just before the summit. Following the cairns and passing the 2 notorious gullies you’ll reach the highest point in the UK and the turn around point. You can then enjoy the fast & furious run back down. N.B. On the way up you will need to pass the Check Point 5km up Ben Nevis before 12:00pm to be able to progress to the summit.


BIKE COURSE (26 Kilometers – Back)
Taking the reverse route back of this outstanding course. Some great trails mixed with long stretches of hilly roads. It’s a tough but captivating route back to the finish.


FINAL TRAIL RUN (1.5 Kilometer)
The finish adds that final challenge with a 1.5km run round a section of the River Leven and through to the finish line on the Kinlochleven village green.


1.5km swim (with 1km to transition) | 26km bike | 8.25km up Ben Nevis | 8.25km down Ben Nevis | 26km bike return to Kinlochleven | 1.5km trail run