How To Prepare for THE ROC

Ice bath (Abersoch bay) with 10 minutes of cold immersion waist down. A lot of the latest research shows that 10 minutes is the best time, and that pure cold is more advantageous for muscle recovery than combination hot and cold contrast baths.

Compression skins to use on post-game flights. If the skins don’t work, we give the athletes we work with specifically made-to-measure recovery socks which are graded like ted stockings you wear after surgery. These have shown to have a great effect on increasing venous return and thus flush the oxidative chemicals left post-exercise. The company we use for these is a British company called Evexar, which tested its compression socks at University College London.

Bike flush for 15 minutes followed by a 15-minute “flush” massage, especially calves, and then ice immersion again 24 hours after a race. Use a foam roller or massage stick if you have no masseur. 

Carbohydrate within 30 minutes post-race or if the workout was high-stress, meaning long and/or intense, session. Consume in liquid form mostly. Drink and eat until feeling satisfied.

Daily supplements are Magma Plus, a green foods supplement, and Udo’s Oil, a balanced serving of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids through plant-sourced oil.