PACKING for the Mountain

Preparation & Planning is key

With Snowdon at the heart of THE ROC, preparation for scaling Wales’ highest mountain is high on the priority list. You need to plan right and know what you take up is needed and going to do its job effectively.

We provide a mandatory kit list that you must carry up and without compromise. These are your basic requirements and you must decide what additional items (if any) you’re going to take up to keep you strong and cover any eventualities you feel you may encounter:

Full waterproof body cover of hooded jacket and trousers (we recommend with taped seams)
Water bottle / carrier
High Energy Snacks
Foil Blanket
High Factor Sun Cream

Mountain bags will be checked at registration.
Your Mountain bag, along with your trainers and any additional items you include, will need to fit into a ROC bag provided to you with your race number on. This will be taken to T2 at Hafod y Llan below Snowdon.


By Conor Barrasford

The mandatory kit list for ascending the mountain means you’ll need to take a rucksack of sort. We’re all shaped differently and to my knowledge, there is not one system that works for all. I use an Ultimate Direction race vest: I can store my cold weather gear and survival kit in the back, whilst having my nutrition and hydration on my front. I use soft flasks, but you could use a Camelbak just as easily in this race. You’ll need to experiment to find out what works for you but the pivotal part here is that you need to test your equipment pre-race day. Check that you don’t suffer chafing, have your straps set to the right levels, become accustomed to running with the extra-weight and ensure you have enough space to carry every item on the mandatory kit list.

I resemble that of a radiator, so I run in a t-shirt all year round. Still, I pack as though I’m going to be stranded in an arctic blizzard for 11 days. In most cases, you won’t touch half the items on the mandatory kit list. But, on the one freak occasion you need to, you’ll be forever thankful you packed sufficiently. Conditions on the mountain change at an instant and when covering arduous terrain, the scope for injury is amplified. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.



Current ROC Champion

Conor is a 22-year-old triathlete who started the sport in 2017. Since 2017, Conor has trained alongside his degree at the University of Bath racing ultramarathons, Ironman and everything in between. Racing for team Zoot Athlos, Conor enjoyed a successful 2019 on the domestic 70.3 scene. A self-coached athlete, Conor enjoyed experimenting with alternative training theories; writing a detailed blog series to recount his findings.

Conor says he leaves the sport on a high, with his final race being his most enjoyable to date. With a preference for racing in adverse conditions across difficult terrain, THE ROC was the perfect race to sign off from triathlon with. Having always dabbled in performance sport, THE ROC marked Conor’s final triathlon as he takes an open-ended sabbatical to pursue new adventures in Dubai.