7:30PM FRI 10th MAY 2024

In memory of one of Abersoch’s much loved and true legends, Johnny Robinson who touched the hearts of so many people and loved the water more than you could ever imagine.

In aid of MOVE Against Cancer you can take part as an individual or enjoy the race as a team. For some, this is a great event that will test your speed and agility both on the beach and on the water. For others, this will be about taking part and enjoying a fun event while celebrating the life of an inspiring Abersoch icon.

Starting with a 1km paddle board following a course of buoys along the shoreline to SCYC and back, followed by a 1km run to the first groyne and back, then collect your paddleboard for a 2nd time and take to the water for a final 1km. Dropping your board back on the beach, it’s a sprint to the finish line.

How much fun can a race be? This race is stacked to the brim, and the best way to celebrate someone’s life who would never have won this race as he would have been too busy assisting those that needed help along the way!!

Get involved, support a fantastic charity, enjoy the music and great vibe and just have a lot of fun while celebrating the life of a great person!





It’s a simple format. 1km on the paddleboard, 1km run along the beach, then a final 1km paddleboard, before a short run to the finish.

Starting on THE ROC start line, you will run will run a short distance down to your paddbleboard on the waters edge, put your leash on, grab you oar and drag your paddleboard into the water. Climb on and head for the first buoy. It’s a rectangular course running along the shoreline of Abersoch beach towards the yacht club. Round buoys 2 and 3 and back again to the final buoy. Round this buoy and into the beach.

Unstrap your leash and leave your board and oar on the beach before setting off on foot towards the first groyne, round the turning point and back again to your board. Get prepped again and head out for a 2nd time round the paddleboard course back to the shore before a short run to the finish.

Most run in bare feet but you can use trainers or similar if you like. If you do run in bare feet you do so at your own risk as there can be the chance of a sharp stone or object in the sand.




MINIMUM AGE: 12 on day of race

PADDLEBOARDS: These are not provided as part of your entry and must be arranged by the participant. Board, oar and leash.

RUN: You can use suitable footwear for the race. If you decide to do it in bare feet then you do so at your own risk. There could be sharp objects on the beach that could cause injury.

ENTRY FEE: £20 as an individual or £30 as a team, with 100% of your entry going to the MOVE Against Cancer charity.


A little more about the charity you will be running for

MOVE provide practical and online support to people living with and beyond cancer. MOVE focus their services on children and young people living with and beyond cancer and also a wider age range through their 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer initiative linked to parkrun. 

MOVE is embarking on a mission to inspire people to #MoveAgainstCancer

Thank you for your support


Covering key race costs to help us ensure 100% of everyone's entry fee goes to MOVE Against Cancer

A huge thank you to The Edwina Lilley Charitable Trust, who are covering our 2 biggest costs for the race, water safety and medic cover to help us ensure 100% of the entry fee goes to MOVE Against Cancer.

With a great team of ambassadors, fronted by Sam Lilley with the support of family and friends, the trust was established in 2013 in memory of Edwina Lilley. Its mission is to support and fundraise for charities who make a difference to peoples lives.


A true waterman and exceptional mentor & coach

Johnny Robinson left us on the 27th of March but for those fortunate enough to know him he will always be here. He was the beating heart of Offaxis, the board riding business grown here in Abersoch by Johnny along with his wife Caroline (‘Lines’) and a whole host of folk who have enjoyed the ride with them along the way. He was an extremely talented wakeboarder, skier, surfer, paddleboarder and the list goes on, but his enthusiasm to help others learn these sports was exceptional.

When you got up on a wakeboard or stood up on a surfboard for the first time, you’d always get a Johnny ‘whoop!’He was a true waterman and this race is in memory of this great man.