7:40am – Safety Briefing
8:00am – Start
12:30 – Scafell Pike 6km Cut-off

TERMS & CONDITIONS All entrants must abide by the race T&C’s. These can be read during the entry process or you can READ THE T&C’s HERE

RACE PACKS You will receive the Digital Race Pack 3 weeks in advance of the race and then another version with any final tweaks for race day 1 week before the race. These are only sent out via email containing all the information & instructions you need in preparation for race day. It includes details of where to register and to collect your race bibs, timing tags, transitions etc.
Registration is on the evening prior to the race. If for some reason you won’t be able to arrive until race morning then you will need to book in an emergency registration slot.

WATER TEMPERATURE  Wearing of wetsuits for the swim discipline will be mandatory. British Triathlon Federation rules will be abide by which could result in a shortened swim course or removal of the swim altogether if temperatures dictate. If removed altogether a 3km trail run will be added to the start of the race.

TRANSITIONS  T1 & T4 is positioned a short distance from the start line, race control and the car park. T2 & T3 is positioned at Stool End Farm just past Dungeon Ghyll and at the foot of the Langdale Pikes. During registration you will be given a drawstring bag which you must put your Mountain Kit in for the Scafell Pike leg of the race. This should be in a Trail Running bag or lightweight rucksack and include the following items:
Full waterproof body cover of hooded jacket and trousers (we recommend with taped seams)
Water bottle / carrier
High Energy Snacks
Foil Blanket
High Factor Sun Cream

Outside your Mountain Kit Bag (but in the drawstring bag):
Appropriate running/trail shoes
Change of clothes (optional)

Your drawstring bag will then be secured overnight and taken to T2 at Stool End Farm where it will be ready for you once you have racked your bike & removed your helmet and shoes.

The drawstring bag will be inside the changing marquee right next to T2. This will allow you to change undercover but does not provide total privacy!

Once you have removed your items from your bag and are ready to set off, you hang your bag back onto your numbered race peg.

When returning you will collect your bag again to put your Mountain Kit Bag in and any other items you don’t want to take on the bike and put back on your numbered peg.

PRIZES  There is £1,000 in prize money for THE ROC England and a prestigious trophy to first man & first woman. CLICK FOR FULL PRIZE BREAKDOWN.

MEDALS & SUSTENANCE  Bespoke ROC race medals, water & items like banana’s & chocolate bars will be given to all ROC finishers. Additional water points at the half way point on the return bike course and at T2/T3 along with additional cakes & banana’s. There is emergency water at the 6km and summit checkpoints on Scafell Pike.

TIMING  All triathletes will be provided with an ankle tag timing chip, This will record your individual time complete with Scafell Pike Summit time & transition times for both Lakeside & Stool End Farm transition areas.

RESULTS  Full results will be available shortly after completion of the race. CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS PAGE.

DRINK & RECHARGE STATIONS  Stool End Farm (T2 & T3),  Torver return bike leg, Finish

EMERGENCY DRINK & RECHARGE STATIONS  6km Scafell Pike Checkpoint (Esk Hause), Summit,

THE START  The start is at YMCA lakeside, on the lawn in front of Stoller Campus.



UK Race triathlons are governed by the British Triathlon Federation. All entrants are required to abide by all applicable British Triathlon rules and regulations found in the BTF Rulebook.

  • Competitors must be 18 or over to enter and take part in The ROC
  • Wearing of wetsuits for the swim discipline will be mandatory.
  • Swim distances are determined by the lake temperature using BTF rules. Should the lake temperature be below 11 degrees then a 3km trail run will replace the swim.
  • This is a no drafting event.
  • A cut off time will be in force at the Esk Hause Check Point 6km up Scafell Pike. Any competitor who does not reach this point by 12:30 will be instructed not to head to the summit but to turn around and complete the course from there. Race officials will be advised and you will receive a different medal when you cross the finish line.
  • Unless you are an affiliated member of the British Triathlon Federation you must purchase a Day License Membership at registration. This provides you with third party liability insurance. It’s valid on the day of your competition and cannot be transferred. Please be prepared to pay £5 for your membership at registration. Please present your day or annual membership at registration.
  • Triathletes will not hold the race organiser responsible for any injury or loss
  • Registrants understand that the final decision for the commencement of the race to go ahead on the day is that of the race organisers “Sensation Group” only.
  • Event organisers are able to amend the course route at any time and without prior notification.
  • All registrants must agree to the Race Terms & Conditions when entering.