We have planned rigorously to meet the guidelines set by British Triathlon. We have extensively carried out scenario planning around the most likely government restrictions that could come into place and have discussed at length with our event team and all specialist contractors the additional requirements that we would need to meet in order to put the event on safely and effectively.

Having said that there are certain key elements that are out of our control that could end up preventing us from going ahead like a surge in localised infections creating a lockdown for example. If the necessary restrictions don’t effect the race taking place and the support from the authorities and land owners remains in place, then the race will go ahead. This will ideally be without restrictions, but it may be necessary for some new rules and adjustments to be put in place that you will need to be prepared for. These could include items like operating a staggered start, the wearing of face masks at registration, pre-determined time slots for transition access and contactless temperature checks. These along with all the rules and adjustments will be detailed in full in ‘THE ROC Race Pack’ that we will send you via email 4 weeks prior to the race.

3 days prior to the race we will make available the ‘Race Safety Briefing’ video that you must watch in full as well as update the Race Pack if required.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help with anything specific to your own personal situation.

Thank you as always for your continued patience and understanding to work with us in this unique situation.


Where we are now

Please be aware of our Terms & Conditions which clearly states no refunds will be available if we have to cancel the race due to COVID-19. What we do assure you though, is that we will do everything within our powers to ensure you don’t waste your entry and you get to take on THE ROC, at a new date or any future year the race takes place.

We recognise that if we do have to postpone then you will share our huge disappointment and sincerely apologise now for the inconvenience this will incur. But while we’re dealing with COVID-19 this is unprecedented times and we ask for your support and understanding while everyone keeps working through this difficult time.