What Is The ROC?

What is The ROC?

Founded in 2001, The ROC is a non-denominational, independent, soulwinning church that is diligently striving to demonstrate unqualified love, forgiveness, and acceptance to everyone.

Since its inception, The ROC has been actively fulfilling the mission of Changing Lives and Making Life Changers by sharing hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ to Central Virginia's most spiritually and financially impoverished residents.  Using a Christ-centered, volunteer-driven model, The ROC has been instrumental in changing thousands upon thousands of lives through a myriad of outreach ministries and emergency services, all offered to individuals in the community at no cost.

Where would I fit in?

The ROC is a place for everyone, from all walks of life!  Regardless of your background, ethnicity, or life situation, we welcome you with open arms! If you are looking for a come-as-you-are church; somewhere you can worship and grow without the fear of being judged or condemned; you have come to the right place!  If you want to get involved, we would love to introduce you to ministries that accommodate your schedule and interests.  If you have needs, we would be happy to meet them in any way we can. If you would like to sow into this ministry and be a part of lasting, positive change in your community, we are delighted to demonstrate the many ways your help will further the improvement of inner-city children, their families, and generations to come.

What can I expect at church services?

Six O'Clock ROC

A typical Saturday night church service at The ROC is, well, anything but typical! Enjoy your favorite songs from the ROC Band with a Christian twist and also sing along to familiar worship songs and hymns! During our periodic But 1 Day segments, see first-hand stories of lives that have been completely transformed by the power of God. Most importantly, be enlightened, inspired, and challenged as pastors preach the Word of God and you have a chance to receive prayer from our team of ROC Prayer Partners, who are here to encourage and uplift you.

If it is your first time joining us for a Six O’Clock ROC service, be sure to stop by our first time visitor table in the Lobby where one of our staff members will welcome you to The ROC and answer any questions you may have.

What about my children?

The ROC is known for being a family-friendly church as we have ministries for toddlers all the way up to teenagers! The ROC Nursery provides a safe and nurturing environment for ages five and under; parents of older children, rest assured, while you’re enjoying church services, your children are also having fun learning the Word of God in ROC Wild. These classes are broken down by age group and teach children captivating Bible lessons.  While in these classes, your children will also be able to participate in arts and crafts relating to popular Bible stories they have been taught, learn how much Jesus loves them, and be given the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!